Big Changes, Big Rewards

First of all, I can’t say enough good things about WordPress. It offers clean coding, speed, SEO and multi browser compatibility much better than other site builders I have used. It’s the most popular Content Management System out there, representing a full 74.6 million sites, used by the New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay.

So, why am I just now learning this? When I noticed the dramatic increase in site visits by mobile devices on my other sites, I realized I had to create Responsive sites that would scale to the device being used. This is something everyone should get on board with. Half of your visits will likely be from a mobile device.

Learning WordPress is a bit overwhelming at first. It isn’t a program, or piece of software that you download to your computer. In my case, I let my web host do all the work by using their quick install, right in the hosting site itself. I already had a domain name and website in place, it wiped out the website and placed a WordPress site, all ready to customize.

WordPress uses templates to build from. It offers “themes” for free that can be altered in many, many ways through plugins, widgets, add ons, etc. You can add Google Analytics, Social Media, RSS feeds, calendars, space reservations, Eventbrite, etc. all the latest tools to add to your user experience. Other developer sites offer WordPress themes for a fee. They have their own scripts and tricks that make them well worth the cost if you are looking to really do something outstanding. They offer support and updates so your site doesn’t scramble should there be a WordPress update, I have one in mind from Pivot that I can’t wait to try.

I look forward to changing my other sites over to WordPress, offering responsive sites to my clients without losing the customization that makes them unique.